1. Brainstorm possible interview candidates.
  2. Submit your top two candidates to the Project Approval Form.
  3. Contact your first choice early. Give yourself enough time to go to Plan B if you are unable to get an interview with your first choice.
  4. Craft some great questions and conduct your interview. Follow the instructions carefully in the Outreach Project Guidelines handout.
  5. Log In to the WordPress dashboard of the site using the Login section to the right (Create a user if you haven’t already.)
  6. Navigate to Posts –> Add New. Write a feature article or Q&A based on your interview and save it as a draft. You can return to add to or edit the draft as much as you need to up until the due date.
    1. Add any graphics or media you’d like using the “Upload/Insert” button. Unless the media is yours, please include links to the original source of any media you use.
  7. When you are done with your post, submit it for grading by clicking “Publish”
    1. After you’ve published, you can still edit your article by clicking “Update” up until the due date.

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